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Watch "kalimba en zempukuji-riverside-park" on YouTube -

cherry trees bloomin en

Watch "g08.hanami_suginami(2019)" on YouTube -

Watch "3 Mustapha 3 Taxi Driver ( i dont care )" on YouTube -

Watch "TaJ Mahal & Toumani Diabaté "Créole Belle"" on YouTube -

Watch "Taj Mahal & Toumani Diabate ‎– Kulanjan (Full Album) (HQ)" on YouTube -

Watch "DakhaBrakha – Пливе човен (2019)" on YouTube -

iDoze(podcast) pianica also playing the bass part to in order to let others play the upper -

iDoze(podcast) plotting harmonies by pianica to -

iDoze(podcast) playin pianica to the -

mar issue of the muchospantaloons:
iDoze(podcast) csound arbitrary.orc sa_bass.sco -o 2019031600.wav -

Glory to Women: Groundbreaking Musicians From Around the World | New Sounds | New Sounds -

Watch "Joe Pass in Alex music store" on YouTube -

iDoze(podcast) playin mi fretless-bass to the reactable(txt2speech, metal-percs) -